Another pimped Opinel .

This one is for Andrew from Valleydeepmountainhigh .  When we discussed the pimp on the phone  He asked to keep the locking ring on and for it to have a tanto type tip .

 As this was a carbon steel No.6 Opinel I decided against a stone wash finish which may aid rusting and chose a deep dark etch in ferric chloride instead.The whole knife was dipped including the locking ferule as there was no need to take the knife apart .

 The original curved tip was flattened into a tanto’ish angle which was then resharpened at 25 degree’s to make a slightly thicker edge to the tip relative to the the thinner straight cutting edge  and I thought it gave it a shark like appearance .

 The original varnish to the beach wood handle was removed and then the sides flattened on a belt sander . As I was still thinking on a shark theme I then sculpted the sides with a small Dremel sanding drum to represent gills

The wood was then buffed on a medium grit abrasive wheel to round off any sharp corners but to also give some sharkskin like texture before dying the wood with black ash wood dye . The dye was then rubbed back using wire wool for an aged effect .

 I hope he likes it .

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